NFA Gun Engraving in Dallas

What are the NFA Engraving Requirements?

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives requires an NFA Item built by an individual to be engraved.
The minimum requrements are:

(1) Model

(2) Caliber/Gauge

(3) In the case of a trust, the trust name, city, and state. In the case of an individual, your name. The minimum depth is .003 inches and the minimum font size is 1/16th of an inch.
Most of the time, model and caliber is already on a class 3 firearm, so typically it is simply “Trust, Name, City, State.”

Why Engrave my NFA Item with Dallas Class lll?

(1) Industry Leading Machine

Our gun engraving machine is a state of the art laser engraver . We are able to achieve the finest level of detail if necessary, and can make some really cool things happen. While we’re the best FFL to help with NFA engraving, we also enjoy offering custom gun engraving in Dallas. Whether it’s NFA SBR engraving or more unique firearms engraving, we have you covered.

(2) We Are Licensed

Getting your firearm engraved is gunsmithing. The only people allowed to do this are people that have an FFL (Federal Firearms License.) We have both the license and the best SBR engraving technology.

(3) We Are Close

We are conveniently located about 3 blocks north of the George Bush Tollway in Plano at the corner of Independence and 15th. No need to drive way out in the sticks to get your NFA item engraved. See our contact us page for directions.

(4) We Have Short Lead Time

We like to try to get to people immediately, and in the past we could. Now, it is sort of dependent on how busy we are at the moment. For simple gun engravings, call ahead, but close to the time you’d like to come, and ask if it can be done right then. Don’t wait too long though, our traffic changes on a dime. If we can’t do it immediately, leave it with us, and we will work it into a slow time of the day. We’d prefer overnight dropoff if that is ok, but if not just call us and we can work it out.

For more complicated things, like image setup and custom laser engraving, we’d like to have a day or two.
For detailed scrollwork, please allow 2 weeks.

(5) We Are Cool People

We are just like you. We love this stuff. We aren’t a shop full of grumpy people or a gun shop that treats you like you’re stupid or unwelcome. We are nice people who love our customers and want you to come back. Come see why Mister Guns is known for being the best gun shop in Dallas. We know you’ll have a great experience and see why we have such fantastic reviews and why our customers become customers for life.

(5) We Are Very Competitive

As far as we know, we are the cheapest laser engraving in Dallas area.

Our engraving fees are as follows:


  •  Simple Trust Engraving (or any basic text), up to 3 lines. $50.00
  • Image Engraving is a 50.00 one time setup fee, and a 50.00 engraving fee as many times as you’d like in the same visit.
  • Other items will be done on a case by case basis. Our laser engraver is awesome. The only limit is your imagination, and we’re all about custom laser engraving. Let us know if you want to make your gun really special and how we can help.
    If you aren’t in the Dallas area, you can always ship your item to us. No FFL transfers are required to ship a gun to a dealer to repair it, and we can ship it right back to your doorstep

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