How to Buy a Silencer

First things first – if you work with us, we do all of this for you.  You can have zero understanding and most of the time leave our store, same day, with a silencer bought and all of the necessary paperwork ready for submission. You can also buy silencers for sale online and we will provide the same amazing support. After the wait you come pick it up!

For the rest of you that want to know everything about buying a suppressor, read on.

All of these rules apply to short barreled rifles, machine guns and AOW’s (Any Other Weapons) as well, but for simplicity we are going to talk about silencers below.

Summarized, the process of how to buy a suppressor is:

  1. Buy your silencer first
  2. Decide on trust versus individual versus corporation
  3. Take your fingerprints and photos
  4. Do the federal forms including paying a $200.00 tax
  5. Mail it

Again, just let us do all of this for you.

Buying a Silencer

We stock almost every brand of silencer available and we are the best silencer dealer in Texas.  What isn’t in stock, in most cases, can be located and a serial number can be almost immediately utilized.  Stated differently, we probably already have it in stock, but if we don’t we can have almost any silencer the same day, from a federal filing perspective.  We have relationships with every manufacturer and wholesaler there is practically.  We are top dealers of both Dead Air and Rugged Suppressors, and sell dozens of most other brands as well.

Our prices are just as good as online, and our silencer buying process has been honed over the years into an easy streamlined system.  There is no reason to not just buy your silencer from us.


NFA Trust Versus Individual Versus Corporation

Buying a Suppressor with a Trust

The NFA Trust is the absolute best way to go about owning a suppressor.  Ours are set up immediately and are so cheap that it doesn’t make sense to go any other way

  • It is set up once. You don’t have to get a new trust for each item. NEVER buy any product described as single shot, or one time, or similar. Those are bovine excrement.
  • A trust is its own entity – like its own person.  Trustees are added to the trust and all of the people designated as such can be in possession of the suppressor or other NFA item.  If an item is registered as an individual, then any users must be within the vision of the individual in order to use the silencer.
  • Trusts can be modified any time.  You don’t have to notify the ATF to add or remove people.
  • Any person on the trust may inherit a silencer without any hassle or ATF paperwork.

Buying a Suppressor with a Corporation

In some cases it makes sense to purchase a silencer as a corporation.  For most people, this isn’t the approach to take.  

Some reasons to buy a suppressor as a corporation are:

  • You already own a corporation and you are ok with all officers using the NFA item.
  • If you used silenced guns in your business, maybe as a helicopter hog hunting business, a varmint eradication company for farmers, a firearms instructor, or a hunting guide.

A major issue with buying a silencer as a corporation is the fact that the entity has to be maintained.  Any state filings, fees, and/or other documentation requirements must be maintained and the corporation must remain in good standing.  If you don’t have a real business need to do this, it probably won’t be the best way to buy a suppressor.

Buying a Suppressor as an individual

Owning a silencer as an individual comes with pretty tough restrictions

  • Anyone using the silencer has to have you physically present.
  • It cannot be inherited easily.

Our trusts are so cheap and so simple to set up, it makes no sense to own a silencer as an individual.  For just a few dollars, you save yourself tremendous hassle.

The rest of the silencer buying process:

The remaining steps are to take photos and fingerprints, fill out the ATF form 4, and pay a 200.00 tax. 
Then you pack up the whole shebang and mail it, but you guessed it – we do this for you too.

Maybe we mentioned this already – but we do all of this for you.  We have software and systems to easily send you for forms for electronic signing.  Our fingerprint machine scans your prints perfectly and rates them to make sure they won’t be rejected by the ATF.  Lastly we take the passport photos.  All of these are stored for easy reproduction for your future purchases on a secure computer whose data is never shared with others or exposed to the internet.  Once you’re in our system things get even simpler for future purchases.  You’re going to want to be a customer for life anyway after you work with us!


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