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Class 3 FFL Dealer Transfers

Occasionally, a customer may need us to perform an FFL transfer from another dealer. NFA items cannot be sold across state lines, so you have to have a local dealer to handle the process.

Selling or buying used silencers from an individual

Most of the time, it doesn’t make sense to try to sell a used silencer to someone across state lines.  The reason is that the process is terrible.  You would have to file a form 4 and wait several months for processing just to transfer it to your dealer in your state.  Then, you will need to transfer from your dealer to their dealer on a Form 3.  This takes anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.  After that, the other dealer then transfers it to the end buyer on ANOTHER form 4.  Both form 4s require the payment of the $200.00 tax.  The process takes forever and since suppressors don’t hold value like other firearms, it is almost never worth it.  But, if you really need this service, we’ve got you.

Buying Silencers from an online dealer

Our prices are so good and we have access to virtually everything, it rarely makes sense to transfer in a suppressor to us.  Sometimes, though, a customer will have some insider deal with a manufacturer, some sort of free item, or a brand that sells only direct to consumer, and in those cases the deal is so good it’s gotta be done.  Regardless of your reason, though, we are happy to do your transfer.

Email us or fill out the FFL Transfers form below.

Buying Short Barreled Rifles from an online dealer

Just as in the section above about silencers, make sure to check with us before purchasing an NFA item like a short barreled rifle online.  We may have easier or faster or cheaper solutions.  Most of the time you’re better off buying with us, but we acknowledge that, especially with SBR’s, a lot of times it is a hard to find or “one off” deal.  Get in touch with us, we are glad to help.

Email us or fill out the FFL Transfers form below.

Buying Machine Guns

Yes, you can own machine guns.  It’s tremendously expensive, but can be a great investment that you can actually use.  The specifics of these nuanced sets of regulations are more than can be covered here, but chances are if you are looking for a Machine Gun transfer dealer, then you’ve done your homework.  We can serve as either an agent, locating a machine gun for a commission, or we can just flat out transfer a gun you’ve found.  Let us know how we can help.

Email us or fill out the FFL Transfers form below.

Class 3 FFL Dealer Transfer Fees

Our FFL transfer fee is $100.00 per serial number.

Items left longer than 30 days prior to starting forms, or over 30 days after approved forms will incur fees as listed below to cover storage and security.  Items left over 6 months after forms are returned from the ATF will be forfeited to Dallas Class III/Mister Guns and sold.

  • Standard firearms $50.00 monthly
  • Silencers $50.00 monthly
  • Machine guns $100.00 monthly
  • Oversized items or cases $100.00 monthly

We do make exceptions for deployed active military or guard troops automatically and can work with other customers who PRE-ARRANGED exceptions to our storage policies. We aren’t trying to give people a hard time, you just wouldn’t believe how much stuff people leave behind and we never hear from them again.

Email us or fill out the FFL Transfers form below.

FFL Transfer Form

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