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Buy suppressors without knowing anything about the process. We do it all for you!

Let an expert Class 3 Dealer help you with all your NFA needs. Reach out today to start your NFA Trust, handle NFA Item Transfers or get NFA SBR Laser Engraving.

Dallas’ Best Suppressor Dealer

The NFA process doesn’t have to be difficult. Over the years, we have become Dallas’ #1 silencer shop, and in processing thousands of suppressors, SBR’s, and machine guns, we have invested in the tools to make buying a silencer simple.

Whether you have questions about any step of the NFA process in detail or just want to offload it to the experts and forget about it, we are the best resource for how to buy a suppressor in Texas. We handle Class 3 FFL transfers, we sell suppressors, we sell all of the brakes and accessories, and we have all of the advice and experience you need. Since we sell so many silencers, we have the process down pat.

Last, we are a one stop silencer shop. We take care of your prints, NFA trusts, paperwork, tax stamps, and everything else. We even mail it for you. Usually we can get it done in one visit. Seriously, we are the best place to buy a suppressor when it comes to ease and expertise.

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Texas Class 3 Dealer

Dallas Class 3 is a top dealer of Rugged and Dead Air and a top Class 3 dealer in Texas. Additionally we sell and stock all other major brands. We’re Class 3 weapons experts and also handle SBR and Machine Gun sales. We always have great deals on suppressors for sale, our prices are “internet cheap,” and our process is the easiest in the business.

Class III / NFA Transfers

Because our prices are amazing, Class 3 FFL dealer transfers for silencers usually don’t make sense, but if you have some unusual brand or deal that we don’t sell, or a machine gun to deal with, we are experts at getting it done. We also have “the kiosk”, but again, we are the same price or better, our systems are better, our customer service is local, and it is easier to just let us do it for you.

NFA SBR Laser Engraving

Many of our customers build SBR’s. We are able to engrave your SBR with a state of the art laser with virtually anything you like. Trust names, logos, or other cool custom laser engraving can be done in a clean, beautiful fashion. No long waits or shipping required, bring your item up to a convenient location and experience great service. 

Great Feedback from our Customers

“I have gone in several times for custom laser engraving. They have been friendly and accommodating each time. The quality of their workmanship is Excellent, and they do the work while I wait, not several days later, like most shops!!”

DN Christ

“The staff is great, friendly and professional. Hazel is awesome and always helpful. I have all my transfers done here and I am always greeted by name from the staff. Keep up the great work!”

Joe Perez

“Very friendly, informative and showed great patience in assisting with a first-time gun purchase.”

Diana Jay

“I went in to have a lower engraved for NFA purposes. The process was very easy and very fast. I was in and out in about 10-15 minutes. They had a decent selection of parts to browse while I was waiting. My only complaint is that the store is a little small, but the staff was very friendly and the engraving was fast and done right. Will be back for parts later!”

Matt Sanders

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